Shooting Sports Workers’ Compensation

Turn to Mackinaw Underwriters for Shooting Sports Workers’ Compensation coverage options

Shooting Sports business owners continue to look for workers’ compensation insurance to protect their most vital asset – their employees.

Eligible Shooting Sports Operations:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Ranges
  • Trap and Skeet
  • Ranges with Gun Sales
  • Sporting Clays and Five Stand
  • Retail Gun Stores – No Pawn Shops
  • Public and Private Ranges
  • Archery Ranges and Fields
  • Firearms and Ammunition Manufacturing

Additional Advantages Offered:

  • Top-rated and stable carrier partner
  • Competitive rates
  • Minimum premium starts at $1,000
  • Responsive service and quick quote turnaround
  • Extensive industry knowledge and superior underwriting expertise
  • Flexible payment plans to improve cash flow

Qualifying Guidelines:

  • Owners and managers with years of proven industry experience
  • No lapse in coverage in current year
  • Formal firearms safety training program
  • Formal procedures for safe lead handling and removal

Stores open after 9pm will require additional information

Ineligible Operations:

  • Operations with exposure to black powder (Smokeless is acceptable)
  • Hunting or guide operations
  • Operations that provide hand to hand combat or combat training


Not available in AK, HI, MA, OH, ND, WA and WY

Subject to underwriting requirements by carrier for each geographic region.

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